Our Commitment

At Lucenthindu.com is to empower and assist digital entrepreneurs on their journey to success by providing valuable resources and information. To fully uphold our values of transparency and trust with our community, we want to be upfront and open about our use of affiliate marketing.

What exactly are Affiliate links?

These are links that, when clicked on and a purchase is made, may result in us earning a commission. The best part is that this does not come at any extra cost to you.

How We Use Affiliate Links:

We take great care in selecting products and services that align with our values and that we genuinely believe can benefit our audience. As such, you may come across affiliate links when we mention certain

  • Product in our blog posts.
  • Resources listed on our website
  • Advertised products and services

Your Choice:

Clicking on affiliate links is entirely at your discretion. You can always visit the retailer’s website directly or choose not to make any purchase through our links.

Thank you for your support!

By using affiliate links responsibly, we aim to sustain Lucenthindu and continue delivering valuable content and resources. We appreciate your understanding and support.

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